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Krissy Diggs is an accomplished illustrator and designer with a distinguished career that spans both the United States and Japan. With a robust online presence and a following of over 20,000 on Instagram, Krissy has established herself as a prominent figure in the art and design community.


Her work is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences, drawing heavily from anime, manga, and traditional Japanese art. This unique fusion results in captivating visuals that resonate with a global audience. Krissy's illustrations and design projects are characterized by their ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing everyday moments with a touch of magic.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Krissy plays a pivotal role in the music industry, particularly in coordinating and managing tours for talented artists. Her efforts ensure that each event is meticulously organized and memorable for both performers and audiences.

Krissy Diggs is committed to creating, inspiring, and connecting through her art and professional activities. Her work continues to bring joy and inspiration to a diverse and appreciative audience.

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